EXCLUSIVE: Anna and Josh Duggar are writing love letters to each other, source says

Anna Duggar Speaks Out on Husband Josh's Scandalous Summer

Despite all of Anna and Josh Duggar's marital drama this year, the two are now seemingly rekindling the romance in their relationship.

A source close to the Duggar family tells ET that Josh and Anna have been in contact since Josh entered a faith-based rehab facility in late August, and are even writing love letters to one another.

"Anna is planning on getting back together with Josh, that's just how it goes," the source says. "The family was taught to have a new level of forgiveness towards Josh."

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On Tuesday, 27-year-old Anna was spotted in Rockford, Illinois -- where Josh is currently in treatment -- presumably visiting her husband without their four kids. Though, according to InTouch Weekly, this isn't the first time Anna has seen Josh at the treatment center. She reportedly came face-to-face with the embattled 19 Kids and Counting star for the first time in three months right before Thanksgiving.

"Seeing Josh was really hard for Anna," a source tells the magazine. "She cried about how much she misses him and teared up while they prayed."

The Duggar family celebrated Thanksgiving this year at Jim Bob and Michelle's home in Springdale, Arkansas, and Josh and Anna were noticeably absent from Jessa Seewald's social media posts documenting the holiday.

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EXCLUSIVE: Anna and Josh Duggar are writing love letters to each other, source says
Josh Duggar says no child should feel the pain of being aborted. I say no child should feel the pain of being molested
The Duggar family must now be transparent about how they dealt with this issue beyond their initial failure to share.
It's because of enablers like @govmikehuckabee and the Duggar family that #childhoodsexualabuse continues. SHAME ON THEM.
I knew something was weird about the Duggar family. Having that many kids, at least one of them had to be crazy. Glad its cancelled.
I'm not defending the Duggar family, but Lena Dunham wrote a book bragging about molesting her little sister and was praised for her bravery
A Duggar turned out to be a child molester due to one important factor: the odds.
So daddy Duggar is ok with his son molesting his daughters, but not ok with his daughters leaving for college. Misogyny at its greatest.
josh duggar: [says lgbt+ people are a threat to children] josh duggar: [is literally a child molester]
Honey Boo Boo was canceled when Mama June dated a child molestor. Josh Duggar IS a child molestor. Be equitable, @TLC. #CancelTheDuggars
in the Duggar family, you're reprimanded for kissing before marriage but not for assaulting your siblings. #CancelTheDuggars
So according to my social media feeds , Josh Duggar did bad things a long time ago, which disproves Christianity. Fascinating logic
Josh Duggar is another example of how real predators are fixated on accusing others of perversion to distract attention from themselves.
Hope no gay wedding cakes were baked while Duggar was molesting girls because that would go against his religious beliefs.
As disturbing as the Josh Duggar case is, what's more disturbing is that the statute of limitations for those crimes is only 3 years. WHY?!
Josh Duggar: "I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life." His life? What about victims?
At least Josh Duggar's not around a lot of kids-- oh wait.

In August, Josh confessed he was unfaithful to Anna, and also developed an addiction to watching pornography -- an admission which he later retracted. In a preview of TLC's upcoming series, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Anna says she was initially in disbelief over the infidelity scandal.

"It's like, I'm going to wake up and everything's going to be OK," the mother-of-four said. "This can't be true."

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However, Anna seems to be in better spirits these days. Last month, she made a rare appearance at an event for the conservative family planning organization, Loving Choices, which provides women's health services, excepting abortion and contraceptives. She attended the event with her cousin, Amy King, and smiled big in a selfie Amy posted on Instagram.

"I think the picture I posted shows how strong Anna truly is, she's smiling, and has a lot of love around her," Amy told ET about the outing. "She was talking to people at the event, having so much fun."

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