Carolina Hurricanes basically asked Dallas Stars to have sex

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What Does 'Netflix and Chill' Really Mean?

The Carolina Hurricanes are not a good hockey team. Entering Tuesday night's game against the Dallas Stars, they had a 10-13-4 record, giving them 24 points and the basement in the Metropolitan Division. Meanwhile, Dallas is the best team in the National Hockey League, going in with a 20-5-2 and league-high 42 points.

So what was a desperate Carolina team, on the road no less, to do? Offer the Stars some damn sex, that's what.

The Hurricanes are all in. You can't blame a group of 20 guys (plus staff) for trying, but Dallas shut them down quickly. However, it seemed that during the game, the Stars were entertaining the idea of laying down and getting with the program. Dallas had a 5-1 lead before allowing four straight goals. Dallas ended up winning the wild contest on a Patrick Sharp goal with 19 seconds left.

If nothing else, Carolina can walk away knowing it gave everything it has, literally. The Hurricanes might be without their dignity and another two points, but they put out the effort.