Bernie Sanders plays the 'Whisper Challenge' with Jimmy Fallon, further proves he is Larry David

The Whisper Challenge with Bernie Sanders
The Whisper Challenge with Bernie Sanders

When you watch the "Tonight Show," you know you are in for a hilarious treat.

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Tuesday night, Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders stopped by the "Tonight Show," and spoke about a variety of topics, from Donald Trump's stance on Muslims, to looking forward to beating the Republican front runner in the polls.

When Sanders wasn't talking politics, he was "whispering" them. Jimmy Fallon invited Bernie Sanders to the "Whisper Challenge" game, and lucky for us, he happily accepted.

If you haven't seen the game before, essentially one player must wear headphones, while listening to loud music, while the other person tries to get them to correctly guess the word they are saying.

Sanders went first, trying to get Fallon to guess "Iowa Caucas." Not two seconds into trying to guess, you'd swear if you closed you eyes, Larry David was talking! If you don't believe us, watch the clip above, you'd swear you were watching an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Next, it was Fallon's turn, and his phrase for Sanders was "Feel the Bern." Not a few seconds later, the Democratic nominee guessed the phrase, winning America over, as usual.

Want more Jimmy Fallon fun? Check out the gallery below!

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