Adele parody receives the stressed out mom treatment with 'Hello from the Mother Side'


Adele's "Hello" has spawned hundreds of amazing covers and parodies, but this might be the first that hits home to mothers everywhere.

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Singer songwriter Emily Mills tackles Adele's chart topping "Hello," inspired by the various muses of motherhood, in an aptly named "Hello from the Mother Side" parody.

Mills hilariously recounts the struggles that every mother faces, struggling to complete her daughter's math homework, belting out "Hello from the mother side. I must've tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart."

The camera cuts to another mother who screams out "Hello from the mother side. I think I might break down and cry," as the camera pans to a mess room full of sports equipment and laundry, the image that makes mothers everywhere shutter in disgust.

In probably the most accurate of lyrics, one mother lets out "I love my children, but I don't want anymore. Can somebody please pass me the Pinot Noir?"

It's safe to say, this parody was pretty spot on.

Check out some other hilarious parodies in the clip below!

Adele's 'Hello' Has Inspired Some Hilarious Parodies
Adele's 'Hello' Has Inspired Some Hilarious Parodies

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