A messy room could mean you are more creative

A Messy Room Could Mean You Are More Creative

Growing up, how many times did your mom yell at you to go clean your room? Well, now you can tell her you were just expressing your creativity. Let's see if she actually buys that -- but you would be telling the truth!

A new study out of the University of Minnesota says there is a link between a messy space and creativity. A messy room could even help stimulate new ideas. So how did they find this out? Did they put people in a mess and see who was the first to have the next million dollar idea? Well, not quite.

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Researchers asked participants in a messy room and other participants in a clean room to come up with a new uses for ping pong balls. Then the ideas were evaluated by impartial judges.

While they found being in a clean space promotes healthy eating and generosity, people in the messy rooms had more interesting and creative ideas than their clean room ping pong thinking counterparts.

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