8 tips for solving your biggest hair problems EVER

By The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

From brushing, teasing and twirling to drying and dyeing, your hair puts up with a lot! Show your strands some love with these top fixes for every hair problem under the sun.

Problem #1: Lackluster Locks
There are a ton of reasons hair can lack shine, like over-cleansing, too-hot styling tools and overzealous towel-drying.

The Fix: Like skin, your hair just looks healthier when it glows. Up your shine game by using heat-protectant spray and spritzing your finished look with a glossing mist. You can also inject shine from the inside out by adding beta-carotene-rich foods to your diet (think sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach).

Problem #2: Fine Strands
Unlike brittle or damaged hair, volume-challenged strands are not a typical hair problem, but more of a coif concern. However, ask any girl who is living with limp locks and you'll likely find she's looking for any way to boost her blowout.

The Fix: To fake fullness, stop weighing down fine hair with heavy moisturizers and products and keep your routine simple: Condition only the length of your hair (avoiding your roots), find and stick with a favorite volume-boosting product (like a lightweight texturizer), and avoid over-styling.

Problem #3: Dry Scalp
A common issue, especially as temperatures begin to fall, dry scalp can lead to itchiness and flaky dandruff. What does this mean for your hair? Irritated skin could prevent you from using specific products and trying new hairstyles.

The Fix: Dial back the temperature on those extra-hot showers. Scalding water strips your hair and skin of their natural oils. Boost nourishment by massaging hair oil as a deep-conditioning treatment into your scalp and through your strands five to 10 minutes before you jump in the shower.

Problem #4: Brassy Color
If blond or highlighted strands are looking a little brassy thanks to sun and chlorine -- UV rays penetrate strands, breaking down your color -- it might be time to revamp.

The Fix: Use a shade-reviving treatment to keep your color from fading.

Problem #5: Frizzy Curls
Frizz happens when the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, doesn't lie flat. Psst ... this is why you shouldn't brush curly hair once it's dry -- it lifts the cuticle!

The Fix: Curly-haired gals, rejoice! Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you're a hot-tools maven, one of the easiest ways to combat frizz is with super-hydrated strands. Start by using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which tame frizz with ingredients like coconut and grape-seed oils. Then, use an anti-frizz serum designed to create a barrier between your strands and the elements.

Problem #6: Greasy Strands
Excess washing strips your strands of oils and, in turn, kicks your body into overdrive to replenish them. Oily locks can also be due to overly heavy conditioners building up on your scalp.

The Fix: Treat yourself to a head massage to remove excess product buildup near your scalp. And, counterintuitive as it may seem, cut back on washing your hair to at least every other day. You may not see results at first, but over time, you should notice your locks feel less greasy between showers.

Problem #7: Split Ends
Split ends make your hair feel coarse and look shapeless, but lucky for you, we've got the remedy.

The Fix: Trimming your tresses every few months is the easiest way to banish this pesky problem. But when you can't get to a salon, a rich, moisture-boosting hair mask is the next best thing. You can also take some of the heat off your hair (literally) by letting it air-dry once or twice a week. Last, pat your hair dry rather than tousling with a towel, which is rough on already-brittle strands.

Problem #8: Superthick Strands
Lots of girls crave volume, but the grass is always greener, right? Thick-tressed gals will tell you that having to always worry about humidity, and what it means for your 'fro, isn't such an enviable task.

The Fix: First things first: Rinse and repeat with a smoothing shampoo designed to keep your strands locked down and in place. You'll also want to invest in a humidity-blocking serum. This will keep your locks from expanding even more the moment you step out the door.

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