10 best late-night TV music moments of the year

Adele Performs Perfect Rendition of 'Hello' Using Classroom Instruments
Adele Performs Perfect Rendition of 'Hello' Using Classroom Instruments

It was a great year for late-night TV, with the introduction of Stephen Colbert's new show as well as the continued delightfulness of whatever viral craziness is going on on the Tonight Show each night.

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Below, we rounded up 10 of our favorite late-night music sketch moments of the year. Get ready to be charmed.

10. Jon Batiste in New Orleans
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert premiered in September, and with it, the debut of new late-night bandleader Jon Batiste.

9. Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise dubbed it the song of summer, and he clearly had been listening. The star performed an excellent version of The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face" when he challenged Jimmy Fallon to a lip-sync battle over the summer.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
There are so many celebrities we could pick as a Lip Sync Battle highlight, but we're going to give the win to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who recently brought the house down with his costume and choreography-perfect version of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation."

7. Foo Fighters/David Letterman
David Letterman's final music guest before retiring earlier this year was none other than one of his favorite bands, the Foo Fighters. The group performed "Everlong" as a tribute to him and the show, as Late Show photos of famous moments flashed in the background.

6. Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke
Bieber showed off his more laid-back side when he sang "Baby" with James Corden driving around Los Angeles. No wonder fans fell in love (again).

5. Neil Young
Jimmy Fallon has been impersonating Neil Young for years, but Young finally got in on the fun himself.

4. One Direction
There's a lot of joking around on late night, but it was serious business when one of the 1D boys actually got inked onstage after losing a game of tattoo roulette. Who drew the short straw? Check it out below.

3. Ariana Grande Musical Impressions
Grande is a former Nickelodeon kid, so it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise that she could totally nail a few impressions -- but this was just delightful. Come for her awesome Britney Spears, stay for her incredible Celine Dion.

2. Christina Aguilera Musical Impressions
Anyone who saw Christina Aguilera appear as Samantha Jones in an old Saturday Night Live sketch should know that the singer is quite deft at impressions -- but nothing compares to the joy of watching Aguilera imitate her onetime rival.

1. Adele
It was the smash heard 'round the world -- but never quite like this. She had us at... well, you know.

Want more Jimmy Fallon fun? Check out the gallery below!

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