This video of a man proposing to his girlfriend with a puppy will make your day

Credit: YouTube

Boyfriends beware: you have new standards to live up to if you're planning to propose.

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When Shane Moffis decided to propose to his girlfriend, Shelby Turner, the 24-year-old knew he had to do something special -- something she would truly love.

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What do girls love more than diamonds? Puppies, of course! Moffis decided to use both in his proposal and the result is adorable.

A video posted to YouTube shows the boyfriend surprising Turner with the cutest chocolate lab named Sitka before getting down on one knee.

The footage starts out with Moffis and Sitka in the front seat of his car, while Turner excitedly run towards the pair.

Turner is happily crying before the pup is even out of the car.

"Come here," she chokes through the tears as she picks up the chocolate lab.

"Read her name tag," Moffis instructs her three times. She obviously can't because she's still caught up in Sitka's insane cuteness.

It takes the 22-year-old girlfriend an entire minute to realize there is a diamond ring attached to the puppy's collar. Once she sees it, the boyfriend takes a knee.

"Shelby, will you marry me, baby?"

She could hardly believe her eyes. Shelby has to ask, "Is this real?" before saying yes to the proposal.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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