The one beauty product Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill never leaves at home

Everything You Should Know About the Youngest Victoria's Secret Model
Everything You Should Know About the Youngest Victoria's Secret Model

In a lot of ways, Taylor Hill isn't your typical 19-year-old. Discovered at the age of 14, she has since modeled for Alexander Wang, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and as of this year, is the youngest Victoria's Secret Angel on the roster. She walked in the VS Fashion Show last year for the first time, and this year did so as an Angel.

The most refreshing thing about Hill is that she really is a normal girl underneath the Angel wings and bejeweled bathrobes -- she's your kindred spirit that loves to throw her hair in a bun on a day off and only wants to wear chapstick when she's running errands.

We had a chance to catch up with the 5'10" beauty before the show airs tonight on CBS at 10pm ET, and she gave us an inside look at what it's like to be a Victoria's Secret Angel.

AOL: How is it different to model on the Victoria's Secret runway versus other runways?
Taylor Hill:
It's night and day -- it's so different! you get to be yourself, you have to a have a big bright personality. They want you to smile and raise your arms, make the crowd cheer and say "yes we are here!" It's a fun, exciting, energetic experience.

AOL: Victoria's Secret seems like such a family -- what is it like to officially be an Angel this year?
In real life I have a very big family, so being in VS and is like having another big family -- I love it! I know what it's really like to have a big family and have a lot of people care about you, and being in VS, that's what it feels like to me -- it feels like home.

AOL: What are your plans as far as gifting for your family and your best friends this year?
My favorite thing in the store is the pajamas -- they have these flannels and they have these thermal long janes -- they're so cute! I wore them in a picture and I decided I'm getting all the ladies in my life these matching pajamas, and we are all wearing them! That's what's happening. That's my plan!

AOL: What's the best gift that you have ever received?
Getting a gift in general I just love, because it means that person cares about you and they thought about you. They gave you something that means something to them, because when they saw it they thought of you. Materialistically, though, I'd say when my mom got me a Tiffany's charm bracelet when I started modeling so that I could collect charms from wherever I went in the world -- charms that reminded me of the places that I've been. I got her one the next year because she travels with me, so now we can do it together.

AOL: As far as your beauty routine, what's your everyday routine for hair and makeup?
When I'm not working I keep it really easy, because I get a lot of heat damage every day from people styling my hair, and breaking out from different makeup products, so I try to keep it very natural and not use too much. I usually put my hair in a bun -- that's my go-to! As soon as I'm done here I'm going to put my hair in a bun!

Makeup-wise I use a BB cream because it's not quite as heavy, and it creates a lighter base and doesn't feel like as much. Plus I know there's good stuff in it, I can read it right in the ingredients. And, mascara. Pretty simple!

AOL: One product that you never leave home without?
Mascara or chapstick.

Don't forget to tune in tonight -- first at 9pm LIVE right here for the pre-show with the Angels, and then at 10pm on CBS for the show itself! Can't wait to see it live? Click through below to see every single amazing look from the runway.

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