OnlyOnAOL: Rachel Antonoff's cozy and quirky holiday gift guide

Rachel Antonoff on Fashion Shows and Her Famous Sibling
Rachel Antonoff on Fashion Shows and Her Famous Sibling


Designer Rachel Antonoff is all about dogs -- and clogs -- for the holidays.

"Our Randy Reproductive sweater, actually named after one of my friend's gynecologists! This sweater is comfy and a real conversation starter."

"I think Fox & Bond has the best, most special (and well priced) jewelry around. Basically the only jewelry I wear is from them. They do such a good job of balancing humor and beauty, which is really hard to do."

The Sunlight Night: "I love this book! Becky Dinerstein is a beautiful writer and I highly recommend it."

"I wear this necklace with EVERYTHING."

"I'm slightly biased as my dog, Lafitte, made it in here but regardless, I can't imagine a better coffee table book."

"I will be buying these No.6 Store clogs for myself immediately.The perfect intersection of cozy and cool."

"I am such a big fan of Happy Menocal. She has done some wonderful prints for Rachel Antonoff and I just love everything she does! I would be so happy to unwrap a print by Happy."

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