OnlyOnAOL: Emma Roberts dishes on 'Scream Queens' finale, favorite fashion and the holidays

Emma Roberts Talks About Her Role on 'Scream Queens'


The Season 1 finale of TV's hottest new show 'Scream Queens' airs tonight and we have so many questions. What's going to happen? Who - WHO?!?! - is the Red Devil? It's pretty rough that we have to wait until tonight, but in the meantime, we just couldn't stand it so we called up Emma Roberts ourselves to get the scoop.

On set shooting a film in New Orleans, Roberts gracefully humored our badgering about the show that never ceases to surprise, and she even gave us a few hints about what we might be in for come 8/7c.

"Everything you might expect you should throw out the window," the scream queen said. "It's so out there and original, I was completely shocked when I read it," she said of the finale episode.

Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens finale"I think what happens to Chanel is something some people might hope will happen to her, while other people will be surprised," Roberts said. Is this not considered torture? Because we're literally dying to know. The Scream Queens themselves only found out who the final Red Devil is several weeks ago, and even they couldn't believe it.

Excitement about the finale aside, one of our favorite things about the black comedy series is how intricate everything is from the sets to the wardrobes -- it's safe to say Roberts' character Chanel Oberlin has the most enviable ensembles of all time.

"One of the things we kind of did was try to find the new faux fur to kind of be Chanel's thing, so any kind of feather dress or feather skirt we could find we got for her character. The new faux fur is feathers."

While we'd all like to rock faux fur OR feathers on a daily basis, Roberts says that fashion-wise, she's not much like her character in real life. "I admire that she gets so dressed up every day for even the littlest thing. I'm usually in jeans and a T-shirt and boots until I have to wear something else," she said.

One thing she does love is Chanel's hair: "I wish I could do my hair the way she does, with all the amazing braids," Roberts said.

In terms of what's on the actress' holiday wish list, she's been so busy wrapping up 'Scream Queens' and filming her next movie that she hasn't quite gotten that far. "I always feel weird asking for stuff anyway," she said. "I like to be surprised."

Godiva's "Hot Cocoa For A Cause"And what's she giving to friends and family this year? "I'm going to do a couple nice, meaningful gifts instead of a lot of stuff," Roberts said. "I love finding my friends vintage stuff that's one of a kind like jewelry and vintage T-shirts you can get at flea markets; stuff that's thoughtful and fun and unique."

Roberts also likes to give back, especially during the holidays. She attended GODIVA's "Hot Chocolate for a Cause" event last week, which promotes their holiday giving program. For every cup of hot chocolate you purchase at a GODIVA location, the chocolatier will donate one dollar to Toys for Tots. A few of Roberts' favorite GODIVA gifts this season include the Hot Cocoa Gift Set, the 36 pc. Limited Edition Lady Godiva Tin and the Ultimate Truffle Collection. Click the photos below to do a little holiday shopping of your own!

Lady Godiva tinhot chocolate gift setGODIVA ultimate truffle set

Needless to say, not only is Emma Roberts super talented, as we've seen this season on 'Scream Queens,' she's also totally normal, philanthropic and a very thoughtful gift-giver -- quite the opposite of our beloved Chanel Oberlin, really.

Be sure to watch the 'Scream Queens' finale on FOX tonight at 8/7c!

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OnlyOnAOL: Emma Roberts dishes on 'Scream Queens' finale, favorite fashion and the holidays

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