Journalist Teresa Mannion becomes an Internet 'legend' after her soggy and windy storm report

"Don't make unnecessary journeys! Don't take risks on treacherous roads!" This was the advice of one reporter during a rain and wind storm off the Galway Coast in Ireland.

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RTÉ journalist Teresa Mannion's perseverance during Storm Desmond is being labeled as "legendary" on social media. In the clip above, Mannion is seen soaking wet, and trying to withstand the gale force winds while trying to broadcast a news segment to the studio.

Mannion has been called a "legend" after the video has surfaced, and rightfully so! That broadcast did not look like an easy one.

While she was trending all over social media for the past several days, Mannion has downplayed her efforts, saying the whole broadcast was a team effort.

But of course, it wasn't long before she became a viral meme, and started popping up all over the place. From "Jurassic Park" to "Titanic," see a few of the hilarious situations she has been placed into.

A viral video would not be complete without an epic remix, right? YouTuber Super Célí created a hilarious parody of Mannion that we will are certain will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, if not the week. Check out the whole thing below.

Catchy right? Always remember..."Don't make unnecessary journeys! Don't take risks on treacherous roads!"

Check out another viral moment during a storm report in the video below!

Camera Blows Away During Live Weather Report
Camera Blows Away During Live Weather Report

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