Healthy cookies for the holidays that are still delicious

Healthy Cookies for the Holidays That Are Still Delicious
Healthy Cookies for the Holidays That Are Still Delicious

Cookies are as much a part of the holiday season as Santa Claus,

But putting on as many pounds as Santa isn't good for your health. Try whipping up some healthy cookie ideas that still taste good.

No will know, I promise

Peppermint merengue not only looks festive but tastes delicious. Egg whites, some sugar and peppermint flavoring. These will give you your sweet fix with minimal calories.

Plus don't body builders suggest you eat egg whites? It's basically CrossFit food.

Pine nuts are a classic part of Christmas and go great on a cookie. Try using almond paste which is better for you than two sticks of butter and it tastes just as good.

Snow conjures up images of the North Pole. Bring some of that snow into your home with these coconut cookies. They are light, and coconut adds sweetness without extra sugar.

Cutting out cookies is a fun activity with your family, but sugar cookies with tonnes of frosting is not really a healthy choice. Opt for a healthier gingerbread cookie, use royal icing instead of buttercream and keep it minimal.

You are able to keep the fun tradition, and everyone will still enjoy eating them.

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