Fox News suspends contributors for vulgar criticism of Obama on live TV

A Couple Fox Contributors Went a Bit Too Far Criticizing The President
A Couple Fox Contributors Went a Bit Too Far Criticizing The President

Ralph Peters, a Fox News commentator whose junk drawer of TV-ready insults includes "fierce as a chocolate éclair," "pixie dust president who still thinks he can say something three times and make it come true," and "he's ugly, he's ruthless, he's vicious, and I don't like him at all, but he's brilliant," just got suspended from Fox News for two weeks after saying that President Obama is "such a total p***y, it's stunning" on the Fox Business Network on Monday.

It wasn't clear if this was the offense that condemned Peters to two weeks of not offering every single thought that popped into his brain on television, or if the many articles that were published later calling out the "strategic analyst" for using such language were what convinced Fox News to suspend him. During the program, host Stuart Varney told Peters,"I can tell you're super angry but ... you can't use language like that on the program. I'm sorry."

See reaction to the suspensions on social media:

Stacey Dash, a panelist on the Fox News show Outnumbered, was also suspended for two weeks after saying that Obama doesn't "give a sh**t" about terrorism on Monday. According to CNN, Dash's comment was partly bleeped out, while viewers got to hear an unabridged version of Peters's soundbite.

"Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air," a Fox executive told CNN in a statement. When they return, the commentators will have to return to following the company's unofficial guidelines on how to criticize the president in a family-friendly fashion -- like calling Obama a "moral, physical and intellectual coward," or "inept, ineffective, cowardly" -- or by noting that "if President Obama developed athlete's foot, he would blame George W. Bush."

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