Child pens heartbreaking letter to Santa, asking for food and his mom to come back

READ HERE: A letter to Santa, said to have been written by second grader, has deeply touched many in the community due to the child's plea for food, and for his mother to come back.

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Many children across the globe will be going to bed on Christmas Eve this year with visions of pricey new electronics and toys dancing in their heads.

But one little boy from North Carolina had two humble Christmas wishes for Santa Claus: for his mom to come back, and for food.

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In the heartbreaking letter, said to have been written by a second grader, the child begs Santa for things many children will never have to ask the jolly elf for in their lifetime, including to "bring [his] mom back alive," toys for his sister and a few video games, and "some more food."

One woman, Christian Wilson, was so moved by the letter that she reached out to and began working with the child's teacher to help the family in any way she could. %shareLinks-quote="No child should have to ask Santa for food." type="quote" author="Christian Wilson" authordesc="Good Samaritan" isquoteoftheday="false"%

To go even more above and beyond, Wilson also sent the letter to a local television station to rally the support of the community for a more than worthy cause. She is now asking for donations to help not only the child who wrote the letter, but any other children facing similar conditions.

According to Fox Carolina, donations can be made at the Nationwide Insurance office on Statesville Boulevard, Dimensions Dance Studio in Rockwell, Robin's Nest Consignment in Granite Quarry, or Allstate Insurance in Granite Quarry.

And for those outside North Carolina who still want to get involved, here's where you can donate toys and food in your own area.

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