5-year-old meets stranger who donated liver to save her life

Pennsylvania Stranger Donates Liver to Girl, 4, with Only Weeks to Live

When David Denovchek realized he was a perfect fit for a liver donation, he decided he had to do something for a child he had never met. Jamie, a 5-year-old foster child, was born with a congenital liver condition and in desperate need of a liver transplant. She spent all of her life in and out of hospital and as she got older, her condition worsened.

Earlier this year, news outlets shared Jamie's story, searching for a donoe. That's when Denovchek stepped in and contacted Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. After tests, Denovchek was notified that he indeed was a match for Jamie and went through surgery to donate a piece of his liver.

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Seven months after Jamie's life-saving surgery, Denovchek was able to meet her for the first time. "There are no words. She's just this crazy, little kid. She's just like I was, still am really, so it's just awesome to get to chase her around here, to play with her. It's incredible," Denovchek told WPXI.

Denovchek had been waiting for this moment ever since his surgery. "It's just amazing too that it went well. It's working. She's getting to be a kid. It's incredible. It's an incredible feeling," Denovchek said.

The two share an incredible bond and Denovchek hopes to stay in contact with Jamie for a very long time.

Watch the heartwarming moment here:

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