35 years ago today, John Lennon was killed

35 Years Ago: John Lennon Murdered
35 Years Ago: John Lennon Murdered

Four bullets took John Lennon's life on December 8, 1980 right outside of his New York City apartment.

Although he was taken from us 35 years ago, John Lennon's legacy lives on through his memory and his music.

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Doctors strove to save the internationally known pacifist from what would be his violent demise, but he was pronounced dead within 15 minutes as "All My Loving" hummed on Roosevelt Hospital's speakers in the background.

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Known first and foremost for his membership in the world famous band, The Beatles, alongside George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Lennon also left behind an impressive solo career with powerful songs like 'Imagine' and 'God'.

Not only did Lennon wow the entire world with the beauty of his music, he also became the voice of a generation seeking peace, which made his murder that much more heartbreaking.

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Take a look at John Lennon through the years (story continues below):

Lennon was appreciated in his time, having helped shape the peaceful attitude of 60s and 70s youths, but also continues to be recognized for the immensely imaginative and inspirational body of work that he produced -- less than 10 years ago, Lennon won an Online Film & Television Association award for the music featured in the 2007 film 'Across the Universe'.

Just a few months ago in October, a full tribute to 'the walrus' was held where several celebrities paid their respects to the lyrical guru:

"And so, dear friends," John sings to us in his epic ballad, 'God', "you'll just have to carry on. The dream is over."

Lennon's life might be over, but his legacy will live on forever.

Check out the peaceful tribute Lennon's widow organized for his memory:

Yoko Ono Plans Largest Peace Sign for John Lennon's 75th Birthday
Yoko Ono Plans Largest Peace Sign for John Lennon's 75th Birthday

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