3-year-old learns what homelessness is, decides to make a difference

This Is Homelessness in America
This Is Homelessness in America

After Patrick overheard his mother, Destinee McClung, talking about the homelessness epidemic in their home state, Alaska, he was curious about the subject. But the 3-year-old wasn't satisfied when she answered all of his questions -- in fact, quite the opposite.

The idea that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a place to live, let alone enough clothes or warm meals, moved Patrick not only to tears, but also to seek change.

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Watch poor Patrick react to the fact that homelessness exists in Alaska (story continues below)

Today Patrick was asking some questions and I (fully believing in being honest with my children) ended up telling him that some people don't have food or homes. He asked some specific questions like "where do they sleep?" and "what do they eat?" After I explained to him, he sat and sobbed and told me he didn't want to have Christmas if other people don't even have houses. He didn't calm down for over 30 minutes til his Grandma (Bobbi) promised to help him bring homeless people food. I could learn a lot from this 3 year old. If each of us had a heart this big, we wouldn't have these problems. Some day this kid is going to change the world...

Posted by Destinee McClung on Monday, October 26, 2015

Between the sweet toddler's sympathetic tears, he expressed an urge to get involved in helping the issue through donations. When McClung asks her son to elaborate on what he'd like to donate to the people without homes, namely children, he nearly runs out of breath in explaining:

%shareLinks-quote="... A pantry, and their own Band Aids -- maybe we can give some of our Band Aids away -- vitamins, and some blankets, and a refrigerator, and some toys, and food, and a table and some chairs ..." type="quote" author="Patrick McClung" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Watch Patrick explain what he wants to give to the homeless (story continues below):

Patrick has been upset to the point of crying several times today after learning that there are homeless people in Alaska. (First video: https://www.facebook.com/destinee.donadio/videos/10154395193949012/ )We talked a lot about things we can do to help... The big thing he wanted was to give the people pillows, blankets and beds. I told him I would help him try to collect items the shelters need to help take care of the homeless population. A quick look at the local shelters' website found other needs as well. Patrick and I are going to try to collect as much as we can to donate by November 20, 2015! We are looking for (new) donations ofPillows and blankets Diapers and pull upsFormulaShampoo, conditioner and soapBand aidsSocksCold weather gearHygiene Items Children's clothing and ShoesToysOr pretty much anything you can think of that a shelter could use!(Though Patrick would like to give them all houses, beds, and pantries / fridges full of food) If you want to help us collect these items, I can pick up or you can drop off to me or to Whole Family Chiropractic on 36th. I encourage you all to get your kids involved. Have a conversation and go shopping for some items... get some fabric and make a blanket together... Buy a meal for a pan handler.I'd love to show my son the meaning of community and charity. His heart is big, and I want him to know he can change the world ❤️ Please share ❤️

Posted by Destinee McClung on Monday, October 26, 2015

Patrick's vision was not short lived -- with the help of his family, he has set up donation boxes throughout Anchorage, Alaska, which have already begun to fill up with "food, diapers, cold-weather gear, shoes, toys, and pillows."

In his time off from pre school and saving the homeless, Patrick also volunteers at a local food kitchen to further help those less fortunate.

Watch how this sweet little boy participated in a worthy cause of his own:

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