Rapper films London stabbing, uses it to promote his own mixtape

Stabbing Attack on Tube
Stabbing Attack on Tube


There's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

One rapper in London tested that theory in an extreme way over the weekend.

London-based rapper Big Tobz landed himself in hot water when he used footage of a "terror incident" to promote his new mixtape on social media.

Tobz uploaded two separate videos featuring footage of the stabbing at the Leytonstone tube station on Saturday night to his Twitter page.

The rapper had witnessed the stabbing occur and tweeted about the attack immediately afterwards.

WARNING: These videos contain sensitive footage.

"Part 1" of the series of tweets was a video showcasing a pool of blood on the floor of the station.

"Part 2" was also of the blood but featured a confrontation between law authorities and another man.

However, "Part 3" was not footage related to the stabbing incident, but instead a video of the rapper's debut single "Uno My Style."

It seemed the rapper was on a quest for his newest mixtape to be fire.

When journalists reached out to Big Tobz about his shocking footage of the stabbing, he only responded with links to his song, according to The Independent, which posted a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet.

The rapper was met with both criticism and praise from other Twitter users for his marketing strategy.

However, Big Tobz is not letting the haters get him down.

Watch below for more coverage on the stabbing in London:


Police Treating London Tube Triple Stabbing as Terror Incident
Police Treating London Tube Triple Stabbing as Terror Incident

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