Philadelphia 76ers hire Jerry Colangelo as an executive

Sixers Insiders: Re-Evaluating Top Picks
Sixers Insiders: Re-Evaluating Top Picks

Jerry Colangelo is about to undertake his greatest test yet in sports. As one of the great sports minds ever, Jerry Colangelo has taken his turn as a coach, executive and owner in the league, while turning the Phoenix Suns from a little team to the desert, to a championship contender in the 90s.

He took an expansion franchise in the Arizona Diamondbacks and brought them their first World Series in less than five years as an organization. He was influential in bringing other sports teams to Arizona, and his work in the city was seen as revolutionary.

After USA Basketball was a failure in 2004, Colangelo oversaw and brought back dominance to the Olympics, by fielding a team that won back-to-back gold medals in 2008 and 2012. Now, he will perhaps be undertaking the biggest test of his career.

That test will be helping turn the Philadelphia 76ers back into a competitive franchise.

Everything that Colangelo has touched in his career has turned to gold and if he really wants to cement his legacy, which at this point is already cemented, turning the 76ers into a power would almost certainly have people heralding him as one of the greatest minds in sports ever.

It's going to certainly be interesting with Colangelo involved with the 76ers. He doesn't put up with losing and the massive amount of losing in Philadelphia, certainly isn't going to be something that he willingly accept. The 76ers have young talent and will be set up for more in next year's draft.

Now that they have a great mind in Colangelo involved, they will certainly get the best advice in coaching and personnel decisions. He'll do his best to help put a winner on the court. If that means a new vision in Philadelphia, then that might very well be an option for the franchise.