OnlyOnAOL: Lala Anthony talks 'CHI-RAQ,' acting, Kim Kardashian


Lala Anthony has more ventures than a capitalist.

She's in Spike Lee's "CHI-RAQ," an updated take on the play "Lysistrata," in which women withhold sex until men agree to end gang violence. Anthony had known Lee for years, given that he's a legendary Knicks fan and she's married to power forward Carmelo Anthony, but she got the part only because she could hack it. Lee is a tough taskmaster who expects his cast to know their stuff. The result, says Anthony, speaks for itself, especially given the current shooting epidemic.

"It's such a current story. It's happening every day. This movie will start a discussion," she says.

And then, there's her TV work. On "Unforgettable," the series that has moved from CBS to A&E, she plays the new medical examiner working alongside investigator Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery). She got it the old-fashioned way: by auditioning. "This is an opportunity to stretch a little bit. I have learned every medical term you can imagine. It's nice to play someone totally different than you are. It forces you to grow," says Anthony.

Those looking for more reality TV from her are out of luck: "I had a fun time doing it but I knew when it was time to hang it up. I'm totally done with it," she says of her VH1 series.

She still takes acting class. And she's busy behind the scenes, turning her tome "The Love Playbook," into a feature film with Queen Latifah.

Plus, she's BFFs with Kim Kardashian, and was present at the new mom's legendary Italian wedding. All those glossy photos aside, swears Anthony, Kardashian is just like you and me.

"She's cool, down-to-earth, chill, normal. Totally normal. Yes!" she says.

Any plans to work together? Maybe after Kardashian's newborn son is a bit older. "I have to let her do that little thing first. Then we'll figure something out."

Here's a look at her hubby.