One Santa helped out a little girl who had trouble speaking using sign language

Santa Signs to Child
Santa Signs to Child

Visiting Santa is always a special occasion. Kids have waited all year to sit on Santa's lap and divulge their deepest wants from the brand new Star Wars lego sets, to Hoverboards, and everything in between.

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At Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, one Santa went the extra mile to ensure one little girl was able to tell him what she really wanted for Christmas. In a video captured by an onlooker, the Santa tries to ask the small tot what she wants for Christmas, but is unable to get much of a response.

After a few tries, the mother chimes in, telling Saint Nick that she doesn't speak very well, which is when the magic happens.

The Santa taps the little girl on the arm, gaining her attention and starts signing to her, asking what she would like for Christmas. The little girl looks to him and the two start to converse in the cutest way possible!

Check out the heartwarming clip in the video below.

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How adorable is that?! The touching moment has been viewed over 189K times on YouTube and is quickly going viral.

Check out the video below of one mall Santa and his adorable and hilarious sleeping baby!

Santa Takes a Nap with a Sleeping Baby and the Picture Goes Viral
Santa Takes a Nap with a Sleeping Baby and the Picture Goes Viral

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