Little girl's answer to her 1st grade math test will actually make you LOL

When Not to Help Your Kids with Math Homework
When Not to Help Your Kids with Math Homework

When it comes to kids, it's a well-known fact that they really do say the darndest things -- and we love them for it! From making us laugh, to driving us crazy, there's so much to love about children and the crazy things that come straight from their mind out of their mouths.

But what about the things that come from their minds onto a piece of paper, especially in school, and ESPECIALLY when it comes to math. That's right, we're talking about good ol' math tests. We've realized that some of the most hilarious math test answers to date have come from children. Luckily for us, one little girl didn't fail to keep the trend going.

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Allow us to elaborate. David Bartram, the director of SEN Leaders in London, recently tweeted a photo of his daughter's first grade math test. He captioned it, "My daughter's answer to her Year 1 math assessment." But before you begin thinking he simply wanted to showcase a good grade, you should know -- this isn't that kind of story.

We only have 3 letters for the photo that followed -- L.O.L.

*NOTE: David Bartram has since removed the tweet of the math test from his Twitter account.

As you can see in the photo above, one of the questions on her math test was to name a variety of 2D, geometric shapes. But instead of your typical "octagon" or "rectangle" answers, David's daughter took a different route.

For reasons we can't even begin to understand, she named the shapes after what appears to be a group of her friends (though this isn't confirmed). Jade was a square, Emily was a triangle, so on and so forth. Why she associated these shapes with actual people, we can only guess -- but whatever the reason may be, this little girl just won at life!

Click through below for adorable pics of celeb dads and their little ones:

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