Ed Sheeran offered $2 private shows, could hardly get anyone to go

Ed Sheeran fanatic or not, you would probably jump at the chance to have the "A-Team" singer serenade you during a private show for the low price of $2-- even if it you were just doing it for the Instagram.

So it probably seems shocking that, when presented with that exact opportunity, a vast majority of people turned the experience down.

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As part of a video prank by the famous Australian YouTube comedy duo Hamish and Andy, the singer-songwriter offered fans dirt cheap private performance billed as a "peep show," with Hamish standing outside the dodgy looking establishment, trying to convince passersby to stop in for a 30-second show.

"I've got all the Ed Sheeran you need for two bucks," he calls to one baffled passerby signaling to a dark doorway surrounded by glowing neon signs advertising the show.
%shareLinks-quote="Beautiful ginger-head man, sitting on a stool." type="quote" author="Hamish" authordesc="Fake club promoter" isquoteoftheday="false"% Unfortunately for Sheeran, he was left waiting behind a red velvet curtain, guitar in hand, for two and a half hours -- undoubtedly thinking out loud that this may have been a waste of his time -- before the first customers took the bait.

Those brave pioneers, a young couple, were actually so hesitant to enter the seedy establishment that Hamish had to follow them down the street before they could be convinced to buy their tickets. "I don't believe you," said the woman, to which Hamish replied a knowing, "Well, there's only one way to find out."

While the couple whipped out their cell phones to photograph it nearly the second the curtain opened up revealing the musician, most simply sat there in awe of the incredible experience -- save for one ballsy man who actually sang along with Sheeran (quite well, we might add.)

As one impressed customer summed it up, it ended up being "the best two f**king dollars I've ever spent."

Watch Ed Sheeran surprise a young girl who was preforming one of his hit songs at a shopping mall:

Ed Sheeran Crashes Girl's Performance of His Song at the Mall
Ed Sheeran Crashes Girl's Performance of His Song at the Mall

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