Easy DIY holiday cards to send out this year

Easy DIY Holiday Cards
Easy DIY Holiday Cards

The Internet is taking over and snail mail is becoming a thing of the past, but holiday cards are a beloved tradition, so why not make them yourself?

No one can resist a beautiful handmade greeting card. You could go with a natural card using a sprig of evergreen or holly wrapped in a circle and attached to twine, then sent along with a message.

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Square cards are fun, so why not use a service that prints out your Instagram photos and frame one on a card? This way, your friends and family won't have to wonder which selfie you took was your favorite.

Stamps can turn any plain cardstock into a holiday greeting. Friends will appreciate the effort, and chances are you will have fun doing it. You can also make your own paper flowers pretty easily and assemble onto your card (which is sure to wow those who receive it).

A greeting made from felt is sure to surprise your loved one. Cut out shapes for an adorable greeting. This type of card lets your friends know that they make your heart heart all warm and fuzzy...and that you are craftier than they are!

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