Real diabetics explain how their disease affects daily life

Different illnesses vary in how much they affect your day-to-day life. From the annoying (but luckily temporary) feeling of a 24-hour virus, to a longer term disease like diabetes, bad health can change your everyday outlook and, in some cases, how you self-identify.

Diabetes is a disease that currently affects 29 million people in the United States alone. Some are born with the disease, while others acquire it later in life. However, there is no current cure for diabetes, and it can affect different people in different ways.

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Several people who suffer from diabetes took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what living with diabetes is really like.

Diabetics must take great precautions with things that are mindless for most people, such as eating:Sometimes, I hate having diabetes. I just want to be able to eat food without having to count carbs or take insulin.
Although the struggle of diabetes might be obvious, some people see the silver lining:
I hate having diabetes. I hate feeling like something is slowly killing me. I hate that it has become a part of my identity now. What I do love, though, is a challenge that makes me stronger every day.

The difference between sympathy and empathy might become painfully clear when you suffer from diabetes:
I have diabetes and even though I know my friends and family are there for me they don

Having a support system during times of struggle is important for morale and relaxation:
I have diabetes and I have nobody looking out for me. I

When people know something personal about you, it might lead them to make hurtful assumptions:
I don

Just because it's not obvious on the outside, it doesn't mean that a diabetic isn't suffering:
Being diabetic is rough. No one sees it unless you pass out or lose a limb. But you can always feel it.

Even though it might be out of care, having a disease might cause loved ones to hover over your decisions:
Yes, I

Being diabetic might mean denying yourself certain pleasures for the sake of your health:
Having diabetes gives "midnight snack" a totally different purpose

Knowing your disease might affect your loved ones is anxiety-provoking:
My biggest fear is that one day I

Despite all the struggles that come along with it, you get some perfect opportunities to geek out:
Being diabetic means you get excited about weird things, like new types of insulin.

For more truths from diabetics, check out Whisper.

Check out the bright side with these uplifting statistics:

Diabetes Rates In the United States Appear to Be Dropping

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