Finally explained: Real people tell all on why they tip poorly in restaurants

How to Know How Much to Tip in Restaurants and Bars

As confessions from real people have proven before, working in the customer service industry can be extremely difficult. Customers can be needy, demanding and even rude at times -- when the tables are turned, what do you think customers would candidly say about these employees?

A positive employee/customer relationship isn't necessarily easy to cultivate, especially when dealing with something as precious as food. Many people are very particular about the kind of experience they have in restaurants, and need to be genuinely impressed in order to leave a significant tip.

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Whether refusal to leave a tip correlates with dissatisfaction at the server's performance or personal lack of funds, tipping is a controversy that affects all restaurant-goers and employees.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain why they might either tip poorly, or sometimes not at all, in restaurants.

Maybe this customer would be more impressed if his waiter did some tricks while bringing the food:

I don

The cost of a tip might be more significant to a customer than you realize:


Hey, at least you're self-aware:

I feel bad for people who have to wait on me at food places. I don

Some people use their lack of tips as passive career advice:

I don

Hasn't anyone ever told this person that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind?:


This person would be willing to tip if restaurants doubled as spas:

I hate tipping at restaurants. Last time I checked, bringing me food was in your job description. Now if I were to receive a back rub while I ate...

People view tipping as a reward for hard work instead of a necessary part of a server's wages:

I don

Maybe restaurants started including these gratuities because you don't tip:

I noticed restaurants started including 15, 18, and 20 percent on the bottom of the receipt now. 20 percent for taking my order and giving me one refill and the check?! This is why I don

This person seems to think he or she is fighting back against societal norms by not tipping:

I don

Some people's issues with tipping might go a little deeper than quality of service...:

I hate tipping waiters. I

Want to hear more from dissatisfied customers? Check out Whisper!

Get some more insight into who's tipping and who isn't:

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