Fab or flop: Victoria Beckham's LBD, Kristen Stewart's shimmery top and more!


Fab or Flop week of 12/1
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Fab or flop: Victoria Beckham's LBD, Kristen Stewart's shimmery top and more!

Fab: Lupita Nyong'o

Per usual, Lupita looks absolutely fabulous is this bright yellow dress and chic leather jacket to match. Not to mention those pointed pumps and jet black shades. We're loving this look!

(Photo: Raymond Hall via Getty Images)

Flop: Gwyneth Paltrow

The typically fab blondie fell a bit short with this sheer, above the knee dress. The golden star prints and what looks like a peacock torso just simply isn't working for us. 

(Photo: Matthew Eisman via Getty Images)

Fab: Alexa Chung

As a style influencer, it's no surprise that Alexa slayed this week. Her all white dress topped with a bold, black blazer and sheer tights completely stunned. And let's not forget those red pumps paired with a red lip. One word: YAS!

(Photo: Desiree Navarro via Getty Images)

Flop: Joanna Lumley

While some pairings work absolutely gorgeous together, there are those that should simply never be. This is the case of Joanna's fur coat and leopard print pants. Unfortunately, this pairing is half pajama bottoms and half Cruella Deville.

(Photo: Mark Robert Milan via Getty Images)

Fab: ​Kate Bosworth

Serious q: Could Kate Bosworth look any more chic in this light blue, floor length number? We adore the babydoll look and Kate is pulling it off without even trying!

(Photo: David M. Benett via Getty Images)

Flop: ​Julianne Moore

While we usually find Julianne elegant and enchanting, this all gold, metallic dress isn't quite cutting it. It's just doesn't seem to be doing her lovely figure any justice.

(Photo: Andrew Toth via Getty Images)

Fab: Victoria Beckham

No surprise here, Victoria Beckham absolutely nailed this all black look! While the dress is quite simple, she pulls it off fabulously with bold eye makeup and sleek, straight hair.

(Photo: Karwai Tang via Getty Images)

Flop: Sophie Kennedy Clark

While we love the jeans and ankle boots look, it doesn't quite work with the cheetah print jacket on top. If Sophie has dropped the spotted layer, the outfit more than likely would have been simple and chic.

(Photo: David M. Benett via Getty Images)

Fab: Salma Hayek

Okay, we basically have no words for Salma Hayek in ALL WHITE. Can we get an Amen for this little number? The fitted turtle neck, plus the loose dress pants equals everything and more!

(Photo: David M. Benett via Getty Images)

Flop: Martha Ward

We're really not feeling this sparkly skirt paired with the color-block, cotton top. Unfortunately, the whole "middle school cheerleader" look is OUT these days.

(Photo: David M. Benett via Getty Images)

Fab: Naomie Harris

Ugh, we ADORE this floral print dress on Naomie. First of all, we love the strapless look on her -- and second, she looks all too fab in those open-toe, silver pumps. 

(Photo: Jun Sato via Getty Images)

Flop: Adele

Okay, we all know how we feel about Adele -- we LOVE her, obviously. But this multi-colored, lengthy dress is doing her no justice what so ever. Sadly, she came off looking more like a peacock than a vocal goddess. 

(Photo: Josiah Kamau via Getty Images)

Fab: Eva Longoria

Well, hello Eva! Her tan skin and curled hair is perfectly complimented by this nude, knee-length number. Not to mention, it looks gorgeous on her tiny figure! Btw, we're loving those nude pumps as well, Eva!

(Photo: Alexander Tamargo via Getty Images)

Flop: Rooney Mara

While cream and champagne are typically fabulous colors on a dress, unfortunately this color is completely washing out Rooney Mara. We love the bold lip on her fair skin tone, we only wish the dress were a similar tone.

(Photo: Ernesto Ruscio via Getty Images)

Fab: Kristen Stewart

Question: Is Kristen Stewart completely working the bada** chick look or what? The answer is yes, obvi! Just look at that shimmery top matched with those all black, floor-length pants. And we're loving the pulled-back, ponytail look, too!

(Photo: Ernesto Ruscio via Getty Images)

Flop: Bel Powley

Sadly, Bel looks more like a (not-so) porcelain doll in this ruffled outit than the gorgeous, British actress that she actually is. While ruffles aren't exactly a terrible look, the flat blue color of this dress, the strange neckline and red bow on top isn't exactly working for her.

(Photo: Gary Gershoff via Getty Images)


As some of our favorite stars stepped out this week, we saw some seriously fabulous outfits, while other's fell flat. Whether they were attending a star-studded event or just out and about for day -- we couldn't help noticing that even those we typically draw style inspiration from occasionally have fashion faux paus.

We especially loved Lupita Nyong'o's chic look as she hit the streets of NYC. She sported a bright yellow, knee-length dress, a black leather jacket and pointed pumps. We love the jet black shades she paired with the look to make it exceptionally stylish! We also loved Salma Hayek's all white look as she attended Charlotte Tilbury's naughty Christmas party. She wore a white, fitted turtleneck paired with loose, white dress pants. Needless to say, she was the perfect mix of sexy meets sophisticated.

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As for flops, the biggest fashion issue stars struggled with this week was finding an outfit that complimented their figure. Many sported ruffled looks and babydoll dresses that simply didn't work for them what so ever. Adele, for example, rocked a multi-colored, lengthy dress that unfortunately, looked more like a peacock's feathers than an actual outfit.

Click through the gallery to check out all of the best and worst of this week's celeb style then VOTE in our poll below!

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