Daredevils dive into the sea during a severe storm

Daredevils Dive Into The Sea During A Severe Storm

The U.K. and Ireland are on a flood watch as Storm Desmond brings severe weather to the British Isles. Officials issued a red national weather warning, the most severe on the scale.

The heavy rain and strong winds didn't stop two young Irish men from taking on the massive waves. Photographer Cathal Devlin caught the pair in action, leaping into the choppy waters.

While the young men eventually ran back onto the shore, Devlin called them "morons." She wrote "if any one of them got into difficulties there was no one there to do anything for them."

They weren't the only ones feeling adventurous. Across the Irish Sea in Cornwall, England, a group of wetsuited daredevils were caught on camera jumping into 20-foot waves. You can watch that video below.

Daredevil Pier Jumpers Swept Into Sea

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