Watch this tea bag transform into a goldfish inside your mug

Want Peace? Drink Tea!
Want Peace? Drink Tea!

Calling all you tea lovers out there! This may just be the coolest tea bag ever created.

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The creative geniuses at Charm Villa in Taipei have created a magnificent tea bag that transforms into a goldfish splashing around your mug.

As Mental Floss explains, "the bags are composed of Japanese fabric filled with one of four varieties of Taiwanese tea leaves, including rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty."

Oolong tea is a Taiwanese specialty. Brandy Oolong, which is the specific flavor found in Charm Villa's Oolong tea, "is less oxidized than black tea and made by separate traditional processing methods." Even better? No need for sugar, honey, or milk. Oolong tea is best sipped straight.

These unique tea bags are intricately handmade in a 16-step process, and the artisans that craft these tea bags are highly elite. According to Creativitea, "among 300 [artisan] applicants, 28 were selected for their skill. The complex process is to highlights the majestic artistry of the Goldfish Tea Bag."

The "body" of the adorable creature puffs up when dropped in water and the thread attached to the "mouth" can be tugged to make it look like the fish is really swimming.

Unfortunately, there's one small problem...these tea bags don't come cheap. A box of 12 "Charmvilla Goldfish Tea Bags" is currently selling on Amazon for $80...Yes, you heard right, $80.

[h/t Mental Floss]

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