UK house with Dalmatian-like spots up for sale

U.K. House With Dalmatian-Like Spots Up For Sale

Dalmatians have been made famous in the movies, but a property in the U.K. has also gained notoriety for paying homage to the distinctive dogs.

Called Eliska House, it was painted white with black spots on it in 2005 and has now been put up for sale by its owner who wants to downsize.

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The 67-year-old decided to turn the exterior into a tribute to his late pet. His inability to find a caretaker for her kept him and his son from going to Thailand during a time when it was hit with one of the deadliest tsunamis in history.

The dog's deteriorating health required her to be put down around 2007, but he has since gotten a new Dalmatian who is also called Eliska.

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