Take better family photos this holiday season

Take Better Family Photos This Holiday Season
Take Better Family Photos This Holiday Season

You finally have your whole family together for the holidays and now you want to immortalize these moments with photography -- but its not always that easy. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid taking those blurry, half cut off, red eye photos.

1. Take pictures outside. Sure, you can try to line a group up on the couch, but without professional lighting it's not going to look great. Let nature light you properly.

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2. Take shots while people are in action. Get a burst mode app for your smartphone camera so that when kids move, you might actually catch the shot!

3. You probably want proof that the whole group was together, but posing 20 people in one picture is not going to look natural. It might be more representative to just get our your smart phone and capture great candid moments.

4. You will no doubt want to take a picture in front of the holiday lights. Do your self a favor and turn off your flash to make the tree and your friends look their best!

5. And once you take these great pictures, don't just snapchat and let them disappear into cyber space. Do the old school thing and have a few of them printed.

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