Single guy hilariously recreates twin sister's family photos with a cat

Courtesy of Gordy Yates via People Magazine Twitter
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Meet Gordy Yates, our latest and greatest social media muse.

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Gordy is a 28-year-old living in Taiwan and blogging about his awesome adventures. Gordy's twin sister, Meredith is living a slight different life as a married mother of two.

So, what better way for Gordy and Meredith to celebrate their birthday? Gordy decided to recreate his twin's pictures with herself and her babies, with himself and a cat. And believe us, you should be so glad he did.

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Note that we say "a"'s not even his cat! Gordy was so dedicated to the project, that he borrowed this cat from a stranger.

Why a cat, you ask?
Take a look at some of Gordy's priceless reenactments here:
[h/t BuzzFeed & Babble]

Watch the video below of this sassy cat that clearly is not feelin' it:
Cat Unimpressed with New Singing Toy
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