Real mothers speak out on breastfeeding

Childrearing can be an extremely polarizing topic. Some parents swear by co-sleeping, some use the Ferber method. Some parents spank, while others classify that as abuse.

One of the hottest topics surrounding child-rearing methods is breastfeeding. It raises questions about not only what its exact benefits are in comparison to bottle feeding, but also whether it should be allowed in public. Breastfeeding is a timeless subject that questions not only policies on what's appropriate, but also contemplates the point at which rules infringe upon moral rights.

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Several breastfeeders took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to tell the truth about why breastfeeding is so important in the way they nurture their children.

Breastfeeding offers an irreplaceable mother/child relationship:

Breastfeeding is my favourite thing. It

Being the sole source of nourishment for your child invites a strong sense of purpose:
Breastfeeding is the only thing that keeps me from feeling worthless because my child needs me

The same identity as a source of nourishment can also invite anxiety and pressure:
Breastfeeding is so hard. I

Some mothers struggle through breastfeeding for the sake of their children:
Breastfeeding is not magical or amazing. There

Breasts being a source of food versus a representation of sexual identity might change how you feel as a person:
Breastfeeding is amazing and I love my bond with my baby. But it took away my sexual identity. I know longer think of myself as a sexual being. I

Appreciating the positive aspects of breastfeeding doesn't make motherhood any less invasive:
Breastfeeding is really rewarding but sometimes I wish other people could feed her so I could eat in peace.

How to handle public breastfeeding is a controversial issue:
When I breastfeed in public I refuse to cover up. When we have company at my house though I always put something over myself or I go into another room.

Women might feel a sense of loss when the time comes to wean:
Weaning my son from breastfeeding is so painful. I already miss it.

The independence that breastfeeding might invite can represent change for women everywhere:
I breastfeed in public so other women will want to too. We shouldn

Needless to say, it's more comfortable to breastfeed someone with no teeth:
Breastfeeding is the best feeling in the world, until the baby gets teeth and bites you!

Want to hear more from breastfeeding mothers? Check out Whisper!

Breastfeeding might have an effect on more than you realize:

Breast-Feeding Could Influence IQ, Schooling and Income

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