Jimmy Kimmel dresses like elf, grills adorable kid on 'Naughty or Nice' Segment (Video)


'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Naughty or Nice with Jimmy and Guillermo
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Naughty or Nice with Jimmy and Guillermo

Jimmy Kimmel took on elf duties Thursday night and grilled a kid about whether he has been naughty or nice this year.

Kimmel and his sidekick, Guillermo, invited Quinn to the show. Clad in elf gear and candy-cane pens, the duo interviewed the little boy while telling him that Quinn's shelf-elf, Dusty, had told them little secrets about him.

"I went to college with Dusty," Kimmel said. "He said sometimes you tell little lies, sometimes, you watch TV without asking ... Have you been good this year?"

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Quinn also told the elves about a mean kid at school who said, "I'm going to cut your brain off with a sharp sword or knife," and Kimmel promised to let Santa know about this naughty classmate.

Kimmel's last question put Quinn into a little bit of a debacle.

"Do you think Santa is fat?" he asked, to which Quinn said no. "Are you telling the truth? Do you think this elf is fat?" Kimmel asked, pointing to Guillermo.

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Prompting Guillermo to stand up so Quinn could get a proper look at him, Quinn finally admitted that he thinks Guillermo is fat.

Watch the video above.

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