Jimmy Fallon shares your #WorstGiftEver tweets, and some of them are pretty awful

Hashtags: #WorstGiftEver
Hashtags: #WorstGiftEver

Jimmy Fallon, please never change!

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If you are a Fallon and "Tonight Show" fan, or a Falpal as most are known, you know that every week, Jimmy Fallon sends out a hashtag and asks his fans to tweet respond using a given hashtag.

This week he decided to get into the holiday spirit and sent out the hashtag #WorstGiftEver, encouraging followers to tweet out the worst gift they've ever received.

With a combined total of over 35 million followers, between himself and the show, it's safe to say the tweets were flooding in such a hilarious hashtag.

Tweets ranged from "My dad gave me an iPhone box for my birthday, I opened it to find a note saying 'Get into college first' #WorstGiftEver," to "My husband was given a book 'The Ugly Little Boy' by his grandparents when he was young. #WorstGiftEver."

Check out some of our favorite submissions that didn't make the cut in the video above.

Check out more hilarious "Tonight Show" fun in the gallery below!

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