Harrison Ford either made a mistake or revealed a big 'Star Wars' spoiler on Twitter

Harrison Ford Demos His Star Wars Injury Using a Han Solo Doll
Harrison Ford Demos His Star Wars Injury Using a Han Solo Doll

The spoilers are strong with this one -- potentially.

Taking part in a Twitter Q&A session Friday afternoon, Harrison Ford responded to a question about his favorite scene in The Force Awakens with an answer that was either a massive spoiler, or perhaps just a simple mistake when remembering the name of a new character. His favorite scene, apparently, is "the sword fight with Rey and Kilo Ren. Fantastic visual storytelling."

The only problem is -- there's been no hint of such a fight in the trailers or TV spots for the movie. In fact, Rey (Daisy Ridley) hasn't been seen with a lightsaber at any point; instead, it's been Finn (John Boyega) who seemed to be destined to carry on the Jedi line. On the other hand, TV spots for the movie have featured Rey confronted by Ren, which might lead to a lightsaber battle.

So, is this a simple error, and Ford meant to write "Finn" instead of "Rey"? Potentially -- he did, after all, also misspell "Kylo Ren." On the other hand, perhaps the amount of press everyone is having to do in advance of the movie has taken its toll, and Ford has forgotten what has, and hasn't, been released to the public yet, and fans will get to see Ridley's character prove to be at one with the Force.

We'll find out when Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18.

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