Coffee shop's unusual response to thieves goes viral

Coffee Shop's Unusual Response to Thieves Goes Viral
Coffee Shop's Unusual Response to Thieves Goes Viral

A coffee shop in Louisiana called Campbell's Coffee was victim to a burglary. The culprits allegedly stole hundred's of dollars from the tiny spot, and the shop's owner took to Facebook with an unusual message for the thieves. Instead of reacting with accusatory and derogatory remarks, the owner appealed to the humanity of the burglar, and rallied for forgiveness. People everywhere were praising the shop's gracious reply.

The post reads:

Dear Person Who Broke In This Weekend: We hope that you really needed what you stole from us. We hope that your child got extra special food to eat, that your water bill was paid and service restored, even that your dog got a special treat. We hope that you donated to one of our favorite local causes. The money that we earn through our honest living goes to these things -- our employees, our family, our loved ones, and the causes and community programs we support. Your actions make it difficult for us to do these things so at least we want to know that you will put our money to the same purpose we would have. We will rally with forgiveness and not respond with anger. Our fans and friends will rally with us and come to our aid by showing their continuing support of the honest, high quality work that we do and continue to help us provide services to this community that we love so much.

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