Boost your immunity in the kitchen with these 6 foods

Boost Your Immunity in the Kitchen with These Foods
Boost Your Immunity in the Kitchen with These Foods

Eating the right foods can help protect you from the winter sniffles!

1. Just one cup of cooked spinach offers 377% of your daily Vitamin A recommendation. Vitamin A helps your skin repel bacteria and viruses.

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2. Mushrooms are rich in selenium, and studies have shown people who are low on selenium are more likely to catch a severe flu.

3. Skip the probiotics and eat yogurt instead. The University of Vienna found 7 ounces of yogurt per day (less than one cup!) is just as effective as popping probiotic pills.

4. A warm cup of green tea is not only comforting on a cold day, it's also an antioxidant powerhouse, giving you the immunity boost you need!

5. Citrus fruits are a go-to for vitamin C. While most people take vitamin C after they've caught a cold, eating citrus before getting sick keeps the immune system in shape.

6. Shellfish can help boost the body's virus-fighting white blood cells. Try some clam chowder or oysters on the half shell!

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