US salmonella outbreak across 9 states investigated

Salmonella Outbreak Linked Back to Nut Butter Spreads

ATLANTA (Reuters) -- A salmonella outbreak that has sickened 11 people in nine states could be linked to a line of nut butter spreads that were recalled this week, a U.S. health agency said on Thursday.

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No deaths or hospitalizations from the outbreak were reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People have been sickened in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey and Oregon.

The CDC believes the salmonella can be traced to a line of nut butter spreads made by JEM Raw Chocolate of Bend, Oregon. The company on Wednesday voluntarily recalled the nationally sold product.

"Any remaining nut butter spread should be thrown away," the CDC advised in a statement. "Even if some of the nut butter spread has been eaten and no one has gotten sick, the rest of it should be thrown away."

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US salmonella outbreak across 9 states investigated
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 -- NorDx labs in Scarborough offers a wide variety of testing services including microbiological testing for salmonella. These are salmonella cultures grown in the microbiology department at the lab. (Photo by John Ewing/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)
Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph showing Salmonella typhimurium, red, invading cultured human cells. (Photo by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)
Elizabeth Hall plays with daughter, Amy, 2, at the family's Waxhaw, N.C., home on July 2, 2014. Elizabeth and Brian Hall's child contracted salmonella from the family dogs, who had been feeding on contaminated dog food. (David T. Foster, III/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images)
SAN ANSELMO, CA - OCTOBER 09: A package of Foster Farms chicken is for sale in a cooler at a grocery store on October 9, 2013 in San Anselmo, California. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is threatening to shutter three Foster Farms chicken processing plants in California after nearly 300 people in 17 states have become sick due to an outbreak of salmonella. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
CAMBRIDGE, MA - JULY 26: Customers lined up as Clover Food Lab re-opened in Harvard Square, Friday, July 26, 2013. (Photo by Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 -- .Kenneth Koehler was one of the 20 people sickened with salmonella by Hannaford ground beef a year ago. (Photo by John Ewing/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Testing had not yet revealed the source of the contamination in a spread that is made with hazelnut, almond and cashew, the company's CEO, Jennifer Moore, told Reuters.

"It's baffling to us," Moore said, noting this is the company's first salmonella outbreak.

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Earlier this year, four people in the United States died and more than 800 were sickened in asalmonella outbreak linked to imported cucumbers from Mexico, according to the CDC.

Two other outbreaks associated with pet turtles infected 51 people in 16 states between Jan. 22 and Sept. 8, 2015, with 15 patients requiring hospitalization, the CDC said.

Symptoms of exposure to the salmonella bacteria include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, the agency noted.

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