Mall Santa goes above and beyond to help comfort autistic boy

Santa Lies on Floor for Boy With Autism, Mom Gets Perfect Christmas Photo

Now, this is what we call holiday spirit. A photo from a mall Santa in North Carolina is going viral after showing good ol' Saint Nick lending a helping hand to a small autistic boy during an episode. It happened during an event sponsored by Autism Speaks in North Carolina. The photo, posted by the Autism Speaks Facebook page, shows Santa on the ground next to the boy.

When it came time for the young man in the photo to meet Santa, his parents couldn't convince him to sit on Santa's lap. #GivingTuesday

Posted by Autism Speaks on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Diagnosed with autism at age three, Braden's mom told PEOPLE she never thought she would be able to get a holiday photo of her son with Santa.

However, Deely heard of the program called Caring Santa, which provides special needs family with a controlled environment to meet their holiday hero. The family decided to give it a try and brought Brayden to the event in Charlotte.

However, despite how much the parent tried, Brayden did not want to sit on Santa's lap. Instead, the boy chose to lay on the ground.

Rather than let it be an uncomfortable moment, good ol' Saint Nick went the extra mile and dropped down to the boy's level, laying down with him.

Once on the ground together, Santa had a little chat with his new friend. The moment was overwhelming for his mother.

It was a moment Deely thought would never happen. Now, it's one she will never forget.

Now watch this baby who definitely didn't enjoy meeting Santa:

Baby Cries in Santa Claus' Lap

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