Get ready for your jaw to drop: See what Ruthie Camden from '7th Heaven' looks like now

Mackenzie Rosman's Maxim Photos Prove '7th Heaven' Was A Long Time Ago
Mackenzie Rosman's Maxim Photos Prove '7th Heaven' Was A Long Time Ago

There are certain television icons who are frozen in time -- it's a harsh reality to face when our favorite child stars inevitably become adults. We refuse to accept that the actors who coined our favorite fictional characters grow and change just like the rest of us. (Unless, of course, there is a Netflix reboot of a long-gone show.)

Here's some bad news for '7th Heaven' fans -- basically anyone who didn't live under a rock during the 90's and early 2000's: Mackenzie Rosman, otherwise known as Ruthie Camden, is all grown up at age 25. Silver lining: She looks amazing.

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'7th Heaven', in which Rosman costarred with Stephen Collins, Beverly Mitchell and Jessica Biel, has been off the air for nearly 10 years, but out of our hearts for no time at all. Best known for her adorable yet angsty portrayal of little Ruthie Camden, the youngest of the Camden crew, Rosman represents a little sister to all of us.

So if you're an overprotective older sibling, you might want to shield your eyes for what you're about to read: Rosman, who has grown from an adorable child into a beautiful young woman, partnered with Maxim for a "sinfully hot" photoshoot in 2013.

"So please enjoy these ... photos," reads Maxim's preface to the spread of photos, "and we'll meet up with you later in the confessional."

As @ekatejohns puts it on Twitter, bye childhood.

Check out some of the pictures below:

So, as it turns out, the Rugrats aren't the only ones who are "all grown up."

She's not just beautiful -- she's also charitable. Rosman is also the national honorary chair spokesperson for a cystic fibrosis philanthropic organization called CureFinders. She also sponsors a child through Children International, and somehow finds time to continue her acting career. And good news, '7th Heaven' fans! She's still in touch with several cast members.

Mackenzie, we recognize that you are now a strong, beautiful woman. But please don't hate us if we always remember you as the curly-headed minister's daughter.

Check out how the '7th Heaven' cast supported their former colleague through his recent scandal:

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