George Zimmerman just committed a blatant racist sex crime on Twitter

George Zimmerman Retweets Picture of Trayvon Martin's Corpse
George Zimmerman Retweets Picture of Trayvon Martin's Corpse

George Zimmerman tweeted a picture of Trayvon Martin's corpse only two months ago, three years after being acquitted in the teen's shooting death. Now he's in hot water again for his social media antics, after tweeting nude photos of his girlfriend.

According to Zimmerman, she cheated on him with a "dirty Muslim."

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Along with the racial slurs, the tweet included his girlfriend's name, her phone number, and her face, which have been blurred out in most shared versions.

According to The Daily Dot, the number had a Kentucky area code, and the voice recorded in the greeting identified herself as Heather. A second tweet included a Yahoo email address, along with accusations that she "stole cash and a gun" from Zimmerman.

His account was almost immediately suspended, but not before screenshots could be taken of the hateful tweets, which continue to circulate the web.

Just when you thought the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin couldn't get any more disgusting.

Posted by Mic on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mic reports that both tweets appear to be in violation of Florida's sexual cyberharassment law, which was put into effect earlier this year. According to Reuters, those in violation of this law may serve up to a year in jail (5 years for repeat offenders). Victims of "revenge porn" may also sue for civil damages.

This isn't the first act of violence Zimmerman has exhibited towards an ex-girlfriend. In January this year, an ex-girlfriend opened an aggravated assault case against him after he reportedly threw a wine bottle at her head. Shortly thereafter, she dropped the case and recanted her story, refusing to cooperate with investigators for unknown reasons, according to a prosecutor.

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