Do you believe in life after love? Real people tell the struggles of post-divorce dating

Whether they're amicable and smooth or messy and destructive, divorces represent the end of a specific kind of relationship with someone who, at least at one time, was meaningful enough to commit the rest of your life to. The ending of this traditionally monogamous commitment can make reentering the dating pool an arduous experience.

Several divorcees took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain how hard it really is to get back into the dating world after a divorce.

How to suggest romantic intention to anyone other than your ex might be a puzzle in and of itself:
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The search for companionship is often an isolating experience:

The deterioration of one relationship might wrongly seem to others like an incapability on the divorcee's part:
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Reentering the dating world might feel like an obligation, even if a new relationship is the furthest thing from your mind:
I got divorced and am happy now but people keep bugging me about my dating life. I

It might seem like, after years of marriage, the dating rules have changed:
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A divorcee's involvement in the dating community might affect his or her whole family:

The end of the relationship you thought would last forever might make it feel like there are no options left:
I was done dating when I got married. Now I

It is an adjustment to stop considering your ex's feelings on any decision you make, especially romantic ones:
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"Getting back on the horse" could feel like a learning experience:
Divorced now and back in the dating game. I think I know less than I did the first time around.

Dating after divorce can make someone feel doubly vulnerable:
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It might be hard to start a relationship with someone who can't fully relate your situation:

For more truths on the post-divorce dating world, check out Whisper!

Want some advice on how to deal with dating after divorce? Watch this video:

How to Date After Divorce

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