Disney fanatics: Find fairytale romance on this dating site made just for you

New Dating Site Is Meant to Connect Die Hard Disney Fans
New Dating Site Is Meant to Connect Die Hard Disney Fans

Recently, an abundance of dating websites that cater to ultra-niche groups of people have been popping up-- Whovian Love, Date Vampires, and Furry Mate are just a few examples.

Adding itself to that list is Mouse Mingle, a dating website specifically created to help all the Cinderellas out there find their Prince Charmings.

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Disney couples have been the textbook definition of relationship goals for decades, and now you can find your own fireworks with the click of a Mickey Mouse. Conceptualized after a 2011 trip to Disneyland with some friends by self-confessed Disney nut Dave Tavres, the site reassures Disney lovers, "You don't need to live near a Disney Park to find someone like you."

In an interview with Mashable, Tavres explained how his frustration with the fact that there was "no way to narrow down the searches" to Disney-loving women within existing services led to the invention of Mouse Mingle:

As usual with my friends, they asked about my dating status and why I wasn't trying the online dating sites,. I told them I had tried them, but there was no way to narrow down the searches to find women in the right distance and age range who loved Disney. That was the inception moment.

And with a bibbidi bobbidi boo, he bought the domain name that night.

Currently, you can view people's profiles without being subscribed, but if you want to contact someone, it'll cost you a $12.55 monthly membership fee. Disney trivia is even hidden in the numbers, as the '55' is a tribute to 1955, when Disneyland first opened in California.

Once users sign up, they may begin their Disney Quest by filling out a profile, checking off boxes related to their Disney fanatic level-- favorite Disney characters, songs, movies, parks, princesses, heroes and more. Of course, non-Disney related questions are also listed in users' profiles, but we all know that's not the real crowning glory here.

Then, just sit back and wait while the site does it's genie magic, and soon enough all your relationship wishes will come true.

And once you've met the one, here's how to save thousands of dollars on your Disney honeymoon:

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