Amazon dominated Black Friday

How E-Commerce Blurs the Lines of Black Friday Sales
How E-Commerce Blurs the Lines of Black Friday Sales

Amazon dominated Black Friday sales, according to analytics firm Slice Intelligence.

The company took over 35% of all Black Friday sales, beating second-place Best Buy — which took 8% — by a long shot. Macy's came in third, taking 3.38% while Walmart took 3.35%, coming in fourth.

Slice Intelligence measures inbox receipts for items on a group of users which could sway the results in Amazon's favour. However, the company published a press release claiming Black Friday was a "record weekend for Amazon" with sales up 3x over last year, suggesting that the company did dominate sales.

Amazon saw sales rise in the UK, shipping over 7.4 million items in a single day, up 35% over last year. Slice predicts that total Black Friday sales rose 7% over 2014.

Amazon had been hyping Black Friday for several weeks before the actual day, which happened on November 27, even creating a Prime Day with "more sales than Black Friday."