2 Point Lead exclusive: Holly Holm in the house

2 Point Lead: Holly Holm in the House
2 Point Lead: Holly Holm in the House

Holly Holm stopped by to hang out with 2 Point Lead host Yannis Pappas, weeks after knocking out previously undefeated bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

And it could've have happened at a better time. Why?

UFC president Dana White confirmed on Thursday, that Rousey will get a rematch against Holm, who posted a highly magnified victory at UFC 193 last month.

White told the Mike & Mike radio show that there would be another match between the two though he offered up no definitive timeline or location. "I think that if we didn't make the rematch, me and Lorenzo should probably lose our promoters' license," White said of UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. "Yeah, that fight's going to happen. I don't know when, but that's the fight that will happen."