Winter makeup tricks to solve your dry skin woes

Makeup application is not always an easy task. Add winter weather to the mix -- which comes with its own particular set of problems (think chapped lips, splotches and dry skin) -- and you've got a true beauty challenge.

We turned to makeup guru Sir John, Beyoncé's go-to guy, to school us on saving face in the harsh winter months. Keep reading to find out the products, tools and methods he swears by for gorgeous winter makeup.


Kiss Dry Lips Good-Bye
Sir John's remedy for chapped lips is to care for your dry pout the way you care for the delicate skin around your eyes -- with eye cream. His prescription: "Apply a few dabs of nourishing eye cream on your lips, then layer with lip balm to lock in the moisture."

Give Matte Makeup a Go
One might think that matte lipsticks or long-wear lipsticks are a no-go for winter (they both can have a drying effect), but Sir John says go for it. "Matte formulas create a compelling visual against luminous skin," he says, "but you have to be more responsible. Regularly scrubbing your lips with brown sugar and honey creates a healthy base for your lip color."


Moisturizer Is a Must
Patchy skin is one of the most common winter skin problems. But, according to Sir John, it's not the worst problem to have: "Unlike acne-prone or highly sensitive skin, dry skin can be exfoliated and doused with moisturizers to maximize luminosity before adding foundation or concealer." He adds, "If skin is properly moisturized, you can play with so many more products."

Perfect Your Technique With the Right Tools
Sir John's obsession of late is Artis brushes -- specifically number 8 and number 9. He recommends using liquid foundation, as it goes with the chemistry of our bodies better and doesn't look so much like makeup, and applying it in a circular motion for a flawless, airbrush-quality finish.

Go for That Rosy "I Just Walked in From the Cold" Glow
Start with cream blush to anchor your cheek color, and then set it with powder blush. As for where you should apply it? Sir John says to find your sweet spot: "Make a big, cheesy smile with your mouth closed, then deliver the color to wherever you see the most volume in your cheeks."


Layer Up
Start with a base of eyeliner in the same color that you're planning to use as shadow. This will not only help fill in some fine lines, but, according to Sir John, eyeliner also acts similar to lip liner to help your shadow hold -- especially shimmery shadow layered over shimmery liner.

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