What kids around the world leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

11 of the Strangest Things Kids Have Asked Santa For
11 of the Strangest Things Kids Have Asked Santa For

When you think about Christmas eve, a couple things come to mind. Finishing up last minute present wrapping, watching holiday movies with the family and sitting by the fire with your loved ones are a few of them. But possibly one of the most common traditions on Christmas Eve if you have children is leaving out cookies and milk for Santa.

When you were a kid you probably remember baking cookies with mom and dad and leaving them out by the fireplace with a tall glass of milk before going to bed. Why? Because, that's the first thing Santa would see as soon as he climbed down the chimney. The wise old tale is that as long as you were a good little boy or girl and left out cookies and milk for Santa, you were guaranteed to get awesome presents on Christmas day.

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But as strange as it may seem, not all kids leave out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas eve. From Easter bread in Chile to carrots left out for reindeer in France -- the special treats left out for Mr. Claus vary in many different countries.

Take a look below at what kids leave out for their favorite jolly dude each Christmas eve.

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1. Argentina
Kids leave their shoes outside the front doors of their houses to be filled with gifts.

2. In Australia
It's customary to leave Santa a nice cold beer. Cheers Claus!

3. In Chile
Pan de Pascua, or Easter Bread, is left by the kids. It's a traditional Christmas treat of sponge cake flavored with candied fruit, ginger, and honey.

4. In Denmark
A bowl of Christmas rice pudding awaits in Denmark on Christmas Eve.

5. France
Père Noël, as Santa is called in France, receives biscuits when he gets to their homes.

6. Germany
German children write letters to Father Christmas -- getting personal with their "treats."

7. Ireland
In Ireland, kids leave out mince pies for Santa. But that's not all -- a Guinness is also offered.

8. United Kingdom
Children leave out out some mince pies, either filled with dried fruit or meat. Yum!

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