Prisoner with incredible story paints stunning art with Skittles candy

Prisoners Turning Away From Crime And Instead Painting Beautiful Murals
Prisoners Turning Away From Crime And Instead Painting Beautiful Murals

When you think of someone serving time in prison, you're probably not thinking of "arts and crafts." But, when times are tough, prisoners often turn to creative outlets to bring a little beauty and color to their lives behind bars.

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That's where Chris Wilson comes in. Wilson was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England, and moved to California with his family when he was 10. From there, things unfortunately fell apart and Wilson became involved in drugs and acquired a long rap sheet.

Wilson spent years in California's infamous San Quentin prison, before being deported to back England in 1998. Now on the outside, a reformed Wilson recalls his time in jail to Huck Magazine, and his story is truly fascinating.

Wilson, who at the time was in need of a positive direction, learned how to make paint tints by crushing materials they could scrounge up, like Skittles.

Using crushed up Skittles to extract the tints, and a piece of his hair and some plastic cutlery for a paint brush, you won't believe just how beautiful his works are.

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Check out these beautiful photos of Mexico street painting:

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